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c26598.282019-08-25 at 09:53shenbozhiInaba Megurubasically stems from her third person
c26598.272019-04-03 at 10:34alpalinInaba MeguruShe is wearing Contact Lenses every day.
c26598.262018-12-23 at 02:30redspyInaba MeguruAdd source of description
c26598.252018-12-23 at 02:27redspyInaba MeguruSwitch to official English description from NekoNyan's product page
c26598.242018-11-19 at 19:07guest93Inaba Meguru*sigh* This again? Also, don't forget her diabetes-like levels of snuggle
c26598.232018-11-13 at 02:47canicheslayerInaba Meguru+1 (It's important : Read her route)
c26598.222018-11-12 at 10:49canicheslayerInaba Meguru+2
c26598.212018-11-11 at 16:29canicheslayerInaba Meguru+1
c26598.202018-11-11 at 10:56canicheslayerInaba Meguru+1
c26598.192018-11-10 at 22:06canicheslayerInaba Meguru+1
c26598.182018-11-02 at 18:07canicheslayerInaba Meguru+1
c26598.172018-11-01 at 17:05canicheslayerInaba Meguru+1
c26598.162018-11-01 at 16:01canicheslayerInaba Meguru-2
c26598.152018-10-31 at 09:31traumatizerInaba Megurugamers rise up...
c26598.142018-10-30 at 22:06canicheslayerInaba Meguru-1 (She's not. She's a freshman though)
c26598.132018-10-26 at 20:40gregoryInaba MeguruImage
c26598.122015-11-24 at 17:06traumatizerInaba Meguru+2
c26598.112015-11-24 at 17:05traumatizerInaba Megurueng terms, -1
c26598.102015-10-29 at 01:57christownInaba MeguruAdded Traits.
c26598.92015-09-14 at 17:46traumatizerInaba Megurutraits
c26598.82015-05-16 at 21:16mifiozeInaba Megurulink < It says ''A girlfriend is a person's regular female companion in a romantic and/or sexual relationship'' it doesn't matter if it is before or
c26598.72015-05-16 at 21:03blaneInaba MeguruSure, then every heroine in a eroge will have the same tag (Like 80% of all those games...) This tag is for when the heroine is a girlfriend before
c26598.62015-05-16 at 08:04traumatizerInaba Meguru>every route has a confession scene >girls don't become his gfs after confessing sure thing bro
c26598.52015-04-18 at 21:42blaneInaba MeguruUpdate
c26598.42015-04-18 at 21:08blaneInaba MeguruUpdated
c26598.32015-03-22 at 18:26samoojaInaba MeguruNone of the scenes really count as mutual masturbation
c26598.22015-03-14 at 13:05traumatizerInaba Megurutraits & desc
c26598.12015-02-03 at 10:22weilaiInaba Megurunew