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Ohtori Shouka

Ohtori ShoukaSafe / Tame (14)
Ohtori Shouka
Visual novelsProtagonist - Hearts Under Blades


A sheltered young samurai from a wealthy noble family, this is Shouka’s first venture outside his family’s lands. He’s been summoned to accompany two imperial officials and a group of seven other young samurai on a tour of the empire. The rumor is that one of the officials will be promoted soon, and the journey is a trial to choose his replacement. On this journey Shouka will be faced with conspiracy, deception, and dark magic, all of which could change the face of the empire forever. Luckily, Shouka has a wide array of skills to help him face nearly any challenge.

The Ohtori are renowned for their magical abilities, and Shouka is no exception. Like the rest of his family, he is able to call on the forces of nature for help. He is also one of the more scholarly members of his family and has studied a number of different subjects, gaining knowledge of healing and medicine. He has also received training in the basics of swordplay, though his skills are untested.

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