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Kimen Genji

Kimen GenjiSafe / Tame (14)
Kimen Genji
Visual novelsMain character - Hearts Under Blades


Born into the danger and intrigue of the realm’s most infamous ninja clan, Genji was trained as a spy from childhood. He is a master of stealth and deception, though you wouldn’t know it from his flashy apearance and forward manner. With his razor wit and ever-present smirk, Genji is as much a courtier as he is a spy, but he has an excuse.

In his adolescence, Genji found himself on the other end of the hostage trade with Sayuri, where he picked up many of the habits of court during his stay with her family. He always flirts with and flatters everyone he meets, and no small number of naive nobles have fallen victim to his charms. Sometimes the mask he wears is the only reminder of where he really comes from, and the danger he poses.

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