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Shoren Renji

Shoren RenjiSafe / Tame (14)
Shoren Renji
Visual novelsMain character - Hearts Under Blades


Extremely skilled at hand-to-hand combat, Renji has studied martial arts since she was a child. Her father runs one of the most renowned dojos in the land. She has many elaborate tattoos, as is the custom of her family; they claim it helps them channel their ki and strengthen their techniques.

Along with her martial prowess, Renji has a nearly infallible memory. She never forgets a face, and can memorize anything she reads down to the last word.

Androgynous and intimidating, Renji is uninterested in making friends or socializing in any way. She is distant and fatalistic at the best of times, and the only person she seems to want to spend any time with is Magistrate Jojima.

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