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Imai Jin

Imai JinSafe / Tame (14)
Imai Jin
Visual novelsMain character - Hearts Under Blades


Jin comes from a line of merchant warriors known as much for their shrewdness in the marketplace as their skill in battle. The Empire’s largest army for hire, they must recruit and train warriors as well as raise the money to keep them fed and equipped. Being a merchant is not a respected profession in the empire, but Jin never seems insulted by the treatment he gets, and he sees no shame in putting business first.

Jin seems to face most troubles with good humor, and is often amused by the way he is underestimated due to his looks. Despite his hulking build, Jin is a well-read and philosophical thinker who always has words of wisdom to offer in any situation, though they are sometimes cryptic. He is generally friendly on the surface, but beyond that he is distant and reserved.

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