Hayami Mana

早見 真菜

Hayami Mana
Hayami Mana早見 真菜 
MeasurementsHeight: 143cm, Weight: 39kg
Hair, Orange, Parted in Middle, Shoulder-length, Side Tail
Eyes, Green
Body, Fang, Kid, Pale, Short
Clothes, Apron, Clothing with Ribbons, One Piece Swimsuit, Pajamas, School Uniform, Shirt, Shorts, Unusual Hair Ornaments
Personality, Energetic, Friendly, Kind
Role, Domestic Partner, High School Student, Popular
Engages in (Sexual), Lesbian Sex, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Double-ended Dildo
Visual novelsMain character - Ai ♂ Mai ♀ Misuto
Voiced byShiina Amane


As Ikumi's childhood friend Mana tries very hard to convince her to dress and act as a proper girl or she'll be found out. After arguing for some time she finally convinces Ikumi to wear dresses and skirts and girl's panties. Convincing her to speak like a girl is harder.

<hidden by spoiler settings>In love with Ikumi for a very long time she gradually decides that becoming a lesbian for her sake is ok. It's the same Ikumi after all.