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Oogami Ritsuko

大上 律子

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Oogami Ritsuko大上 律子AB
MeasurementsHeight: 150cm, Weight: 45kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 86-55-87cm
Birthday3 February
HairAhoge, Curtained, Red, Thick Eyebrows, Waist Length+
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesMiniskirt, School Uniform
PersonalityBlunt, Confident, Hardworker, Insightful, Kind, Ore, Protective, Relaxed, Stubborn, Tomboy
RoleChildhood Friend, High School Student, Student Club Member
Engages inTeasing
Visual novelsMain character - Owarinaki Natsu, Towa Naru Shirabe
Voiced byYuzuhara Miu


Ritsuko is one of the childhood friends of Takumi and has the role of a ''Supervisor'' in the Student Council and is a member of music club. She's the oldest of the group and, in order to protect and take care of her friends, Ritsuko decided to become stronger and reliable. She's very stubborn and doesn't change her mind so easily. She likes to tease Takumi just for fun but in reality she actually admires him.

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