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c28316.72019-08-11 at 23:49dargoriaOkudera AnnaAdded description.
c28316.62018-11-18 at 05:17skorpiondeathOkudera Anna+2
c28316.52017-07-07 at 16:28skorpiondeathOkudera AnnaI have been tagging "Half-skirt" wrongly from the start, im fixing my entries
c28316.42016-09-18 at 16:00skorpiondeathOkudera Anna+3
c28316.32015-09-26 at 11:45skorpiondeathOkudera Annatraits
c28316.22015-09-12 at 21:38skorpiondeathOkudera Annasame image without copyright logo, traits
c28316.12015-03-03 at 02:45jbieberOkudera AnnaCreated character