Amamiya Yuuto

雨宮 悠斗

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Amamiya Yuuto雨宮 悠斗 
Body, Young-adult
Role, High School Student
Engages in, Consensual Porn Production, Netori
Engages in (Sexual), Sex in Public Places, Virgin Sex
Visual novelsProtagonist - Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman -Besluted-


Male student who lives in Room 602 of the "Grand Mansion Hachiman".
Has more of a cute appearance than a handsome one, and is into older, motherly women.
After starting school his father had to move for work, and thus starting this spring he will be living by himself.

Having not had a mother figure growing up due to his mother's early passing, he begins to develop an interest in older women. Because of this, he often gets quite turned on by the housewives who are always nice to him.

[From Getchu]