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Etou Miria

衛藤 みり愛

Etou Miria衛藤 みり愛
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 83-??-??cm
HairAhoge, Hair Beads, Sidehair, Twin Tails, V Bangs, Waist Length+, White
BodyAverage Height, Big Breasts, Pale, Slim, Teen, Visible Nipples
ClothesBracer, Flip-flops, Leotard, Ninja Suit, Plate Armor
ItemsFist Claws
PersonalitySly, Wise
RoleNinja, Not a Virgin
Visual novelsMain character - Play! Play! Play! Shi
Voiced byNonomura Saya


A wise and ruthless Iga ninja who is chasing after Nagisa who left the village. She is actually in love with Nagisa's lover, Koshirou, and became a ninja in order to claim him for herself.