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Items, Handgun, Motorcycle
Engages in, Kidnapping, Murder, Revenge
Visual novelsMain character - Phantom of Inferno


A reckless and flashy Inferno assassin fueled by a burning desire for revenge. Drei prefers to carry out missions her own way and shows little respect for her superiors. She likes to settle matters with an old-fashioned Western duel. Her name means "three" in German.

Other instances

Cal Devens
Cal Devensキャル ディヴェンス 
Hair, Blond
Eyes, Green
Items, Handgun
Personality, Vindictive
Engages in, Cooking
Subject of, Fake Death
Visual novelsMain character - Phantom of Inferno
Voiced byKoorogi Satomi (DVD-PG/PS2 versions)
Sawashiro Miyuki (X360 version and its port to PC)


A young girl raised in the streets of South Central L.A., she witnessed the death of her best friend during a botched deal between Inferno and the Yakuza. Cal is playful, energetic, and kind-hearted, but would give anything to avenge her friend's death.