Edit history of Chronos

c29631.372020-09-03 at 05:16rampaaChronosI don't think those sexual traits are spoilers.
c29631.362020-09-03 at 05:03kitfoxsocksChronosDefinitely not a deredere, and sexual traits would count as minor spoilers by extension of the girlfriend trait being one
c29631.352020-08-02 at 04:30naiohorasChronos+1
c29631.342018-11-01 at 22:57darkness-weaverChronostrait
c29631.332018-04-02 at 21:48anonymousChronosCro should be used as an alias; it is her name in the official translation, and there is no reason not to use it other than autistic translation
c29631.322018-04-02 at 21:37diabloryuzakiChronosplease don't use "cro" as an aliases to her name because "kuro" is more better and michiru pronounce it as "kuro" not "cro"
c29631.312017-12-16 at 09:25traumatizerChronos+1
c29631.302017-06-27 at 09:58emotionalChronos+1.
c29631.292017-06-13 at 18:21skorpiondeathChronos+1
c29631.282017-05-24 at 14:43siegfried88Chronosupdated
c29631.272017-05-22 at 21:03siegfried88Chronosupdated
c29631.262017-05-18 at 12:25dinoswChronosRe-added Girlfriend. Comment for the previous edit.: There is nothing wrong with my logic, you simply seem to be of the opinion, that the tag
c29631.252017-05-17 at 11:55guest93ChronosAny given character that has a route becomes a girlfriend later on, so your logic is invalid. Moved to link Disregarding that, it wouldbe minor
c29631.242017-05-16 at 22:18dinoswChronosRe-added the trait "Girlfriend", according to the trait description, the character does not have to be a girlfriend from the beginning. Here is the
c29631.232017-05-15 at 23:10guest93ChronosNope. If not already at the start of the game, then "Girlfriend" isn't added as trait.
c29631.222017-05-14 at 11:48dinoswChronosRe-added "Kuro" as alias, as she for instance appears as such in the H-scene selection.
c29631.212017-05-13 at 19:52wakaranaiChronosalias per line
c29631.202017-05-13 at 14:03emotionalChronos+6. CRO, MY PRECIOUS BABY <3333
c29631.192017-04-26 at 22:23sumidandaChronosUpdated JP name to fit with new change.
c29631.182017-04-26 at 12:25dinoswChronosChanged the character name from Cro to Chronos, as Chronos is the actual name of the character. Added Cro as an alias.
c29631.172017-03-17 at 19:55sumidandaCroSchool uniform would count as a spoiler, given context of her route.
c29631.162017-03-14 at 00:50sumidandaCroThe previous fan TL is decontextualized & inaccurate, as it follows on from Rei asking Cro, "You're not a ghost?"
c29631.152017-03-13 at 23:38guest93CroSorry, but the quote sounded previously way better than the official TL
c29631.142017-03-11 at 16:20yumemi-kunCrokatakana
c29631.132017-03-10 at 13:05sumidandaCroTrait correction + minor revision to match English version.
c29631.122017-03-08 at 10:10guest93CroTechnically
c29631.112017-03-08 at 10:05guest93Cro+5, adjusted spoilers to fit her route a bit more.
c29631.102017-03-01 at 21:03guest93CroTypo
c29631.92017-03-01 at 20:58guest93CrioChanged name to how it was translated to.
c29631.82016-09-01 at 04:30chueeKuropronoun correction
c29631.72016-08-31 at 22:03wakaranaiKuroimg
c29631.62015-11-07 at 21:13traumatizerKurotraits
c29631.52015-05-12 at 12:39traumatizerKurobased on the game's op
c29631.42015-03-27 at 15:59wakaranaiKurosee c19189.11
c29631.32015-03-21 at 19:33traumatizerKurodesc
c29631.22015-03-21 at 14:44traumatizerKurofix
c29631.12015-03-21 at 14:43traumatizerKuronew chara