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c2975.92019-03-29 at 02:40wakaranaiAbe Kimikoreal name, traits
c2975.82019-01-29 at 18:18mrgannosukeNinomiya AliceTraits added
c2975.72019-01-02 at 19:14mrgannosukeNinomiya Alicetraits added
c2975.62016-04-29 at 04:09weilaiNinomiya Alice..
c2975.52013-06-08 at 10:36binfujiwaraNinomiya AliceCan't you see that she DOES HAVE two hair pigtails tied in ribbons on her head??
c2975.42013-06-08 at 09:52tokitaNinomiya AliceEdited Traits
c2975.32012-11-24 at 21:50rjmacxNinomiya AliceTrait
c2975.22012-10-18 at 10:43binfujiwaraNinomiya Aliceribbon
c2975.12011-12-15 at 23:28dokiNinomiya AliceAdded to database.