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Amakasu Soichirou

甘粕 ソーイチロウ

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Amakasu Soichirou甘粕 ソーイチロウ
HairBlack, Short
ClothesGlasses, Necktie, Uniform
Visual novelsSide character - Scared Rider Xechs
Main character - Scared Rider Xechs Stardust Lovers
Voiced byYusa Kouji


"Red Alert. It's a warning bell that Humanities Enemy, the Night Flyer Notes are attacking."

The protagonist's assistant, he supports her. An excellent person who also boards the VOX and helps out in battle situations.
He's responsible for maintaining the Substances and is on good terms with them.
He's quite the music maniac so is very critical of the teams band 'Odd-I's', but he's the only one that appreciates Kazuki's talent.
He's proud of his large record collection.