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Lasty Farson


Lasty FarsonSafe / Tame (14)
Lasty Farsonラスティ=ファースン
Aliasesエンジェルラビィ☆, Angel Rabbie☆
HairBlond, Short, Twin Tails
EyesHeterochromia, Red, Violet
BodyKid, Pale, Slim
ClothesBoots, Dress, Unusual Hair Ornaments
PersonalityOne-Word Vocabulary, Taciturn
RoleDaughter, Mahou Shoujo
Engages inHenshin, Singing
Subject ofMuteness
Visual novelsMain character - AS~Angelic Serenade
Protagonist - Magical Twirler Angel Rabbie
Voiced byIizuka Mayumi


Angelic Serenade:
A mysterious girl who can sing songs even though she can't speak a word.
She lives humbly with her mother in Fontille. On the darkest days Lasty sings in the town square to earn a small amount of money, hoping she can help her household even a little.

Magical Twirler Angel Rabbie:
Lasty's hard work and singing talent have made her very popular in the town Fontille. After she receives a magical baton from Stepha, she gains the ability to transform into "Angel Rabbie☆" to protect the peace of the city. She usually can only say "Au", but when she transforms into Angel Rabbie she is able to speak normally. In her transformation both her eyes turn red, cancelling her heterochromia for a while.

[Translated from the game's Official Homepage.]