Edit history of Abiluse Cassare

c30226.72019-07-14 at 04:32blueAbiluse CassareI must have been mentally spaced out during my last edit of this profile. Correcting traits.
c30226.62019-05-19 at 17:09shinnewAbiluse CassareOriginal name.
c30226.52019-05-19 at 00:00blueAbiluse CassareImproved Image + Name Edit
c30226.42017-06-14 at 13:00blueAbiluse CasserlyTraits + slight name edit.
c30226.32016-10-10 at 14:00blueAbirus CasserlyTrait Edit
c30226.22016-07-02 at 08:50blueAbirus CasserlyAdded traits and slight name alter.
c30226.12015-03-31 at 21:06desannAbilus KassareAdded character.