Fujimura Hiroki

藤村 弘樹

Fujimura Hiroki
Fujimura Hiroki藤村 弘樹 
Hair, Black, Short
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Jeans, School Uniform, T-shirt
Items, Umbrella, Water Gun
Personality, Donkan, Friendly, Kind, Serious, Smart, Stubborn
Role, Boyfriend, Childhood Friend, Classmate, Friend, High School Student, Kouhai, Non-blood-related Brother, Roommate, Schoolmate, Senpai
Engages in, Drinking, Gambling, Marriage Proposal, Table tennis, Teasing
Subject of, Illness, Teasing
Engages in (Sexual), Non-blood-related Incest, Outdoor Sex, Virgin Sex
Visual novelsProtagonist - Green Strawberry


The protagonist. He has unusually bad luck to the point that he thinks that the bad luck itself is attached to him. Good-natured and kind, Hiroki is also very stubborn. Not only is he also smart, he is serious and gets good grades easily.