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Kujouin Hiyori

九条院 日和

Kujouin Hiyori九条院 日和
Birthday6 June
HairBlond, Short
BodyPale, Teen
ClothesCross Necklace, Gloves, Uniform
PersonalityBoku, Carefree, Selfish
RoleExorcist, Keyboardist, Musician, Onzoushi, Wealthy
Engages inReligion
Visual novelsMain character - Danzai no Maria -The Exorcism of Maria-
Voiced byShimowada Hiroki


A selfish 14 year old. He's the son of a distinguished family and holds extraordinary spiritual power. He serves as an organist in the church. His Deva is Oriphiel.

He doesn't care about his surroundings and is clean-cut, but in response to his revelation as an exorcist in order to clean up his past sins he dares to impose a heavy reprimand on himself.

[Translated from official website]