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AliasesFenrir of the Blizzard, 冷華の淫狼, Glacial Eros Wolf
Hair, Long, White
Eyes, Red
Body, Pointed Ears, Tattoo
Clothes, Horns
Personality, Lazy
Role, Based on a Fictional Character, Daughter, Full Sister
Visual novelsSide character - Venus Blood -Frontier-
Voiced byMisonoo Mei


An heir to the throne of Utgard and the second eldest daughter.

The pleasure seeker and laziest of all the siblings.

She favours provocative clothing that entices men, and she searches daily for men who can entertain her by flying all over the demon realm.

However, as an heir to the throne, she is in fact quite powerful. One could say that the only reason she is able to live such a wild and self-indulgent life is in deference to her strength.

According to her, there is no greater happiness than the moment she captures and plays around with boys who have no experience with women.

Of the 3 sisters, she is the only one who holds any sort of affection for her younger brother Loki, but this is simply because she one day wants to his noble face twisted in humiliation, and to make him her pet.

「Oh my, Loki, you seem to be doing something really fun! Why don't you let your sister join in on the fun♪」

[From Ninetail]