AliasesThe Devil
Hair, Brown, Eye Covering, Short, Straight
Eyes, Violet
Body, Muscular, Pale, Young-adult
Clothes, Beanie, Coat, Mask, Military Uniform, Suit
Items, Handgun, Mobile Phone, Sniper Rifle
Personality, Ambitious, Arrogant, Cautious, Charismatic, Cold-hearted, Cruel, Genius, Holds Grudges, Insightful, Possessive, Proactive, Secretive, Selfish, Stoic, Watashi
Role, Antagonist, Criminal, Criminal Accomplice, Full Brother, Half-orphan, Mercenary, Multilingual, Older Brother, Revolutionary, Soldier, Terrorist, University Student
Engages in, Assault, Attempted Homicide, Disguise, Fighting, Investigation, Kidnapping, Murder, Planning, Rebellion, Revenge, Sadism, Stalking
Subject of, Attempted Homicide, Betrayal, Fake Death, Headache, Homicide, Injury
Visual novelsMain character - G-senjou no Maou
Voiced byHoudentei Rappa


A dangerous and elusive criminal manipulator who uses young people in his schemes. He has a connection to Haru and becomes engaged with her in what he calls a "game". He is secretly associated with the powerful Sannou Corporation. His face is unknown.

<hidden by spoiler settings>His true identity is that of Samejima Kyouhei, Kyousuke's older brother.