Edit history of Takaoka Sachiko

c33527.92019-11-02 at 10:36multiTakaoka SachikoAutomatic conversion of breast size trait to cup size field.
c33527.82019-09-17 at 17:20lywzcTakaoka Sachikospoiler
c33527.72019-09-17 at 14:23worluvusTakaoka SachikoAdded painter role. She does it as a hobby, but it's very important to her and Miyako's relationship
c33527.62019-02-17 at 15:13lywzcTakaoka SachikoAccording to game
c33527.52019-01-28 at 03:29wakaranaiTakaoka Sachikoimg, traits
c33527.42018-11-27 at 17:49critias0038Takaoka Sachiko..
c33527.32018-10-29 at 12:13misha190993Takaoka Sachikolink
c33527.22015-06-01 at 23:01morgukaiTakaoka Sachikoedit#1
c33527.12015-06-01 at 22:56morgukaiTakaoka Sachikonew character