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HairShort, White
PersonalityBlunt, Cautious, Curious, Insightful, Ore, Proactive, Relaxed, Sly, Smart, Stubborn, Whimsical
RoleCriminal, Magician, Part-time Worker
Engages inFighting, Investigation
Visual novelsProtagonist - Sorcery Jokers
Voiced byYajima Noboru (Partial)


An anonymous inhabitant of the city’s nightlife

Occupation: OutCast

A mysterious young man who operates near the entertainment district. He has many casual acquaintances and could be called sociable. When he finds time, he attempts to solve extremely difficult ring puzzles, and has a habit of only looking at things from a logical point of view.

Ageha, an information broker, values his skills as a mage and sometimes has him take care of not-so-legal troubles.

He has something of an elusive air, as he pays no attention to matters that don’t interest him and is always extremely frank. When he judges something to be worthwhile, however, he’ll show unusual tenacity and decisiveness in pursuing it.

"I don’t imagine I’ll be able to make anything of that."

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