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Ougi Ren

皇城 蓮

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Ougi Ren皇城 蓮
HairBlack, Short
PersonalityBoku, Kind, Pragmatic, Refined, Serious, Smart
RoleHigh School Student, Onzoushi, Popular, Step Brother, Wealthy, Younger Brother
Visual novelsProtagonist - Koi Suru Kimochi no Kasanekata
Protagonist - Koi Suru Kimochi no Kasanekata ~Kasaneta Omoi o Zutto~


The protagonist of the story. The second son of the Ougi family, whose father is the chairman of one of the largest companies in Japan, the "Ougi Group". Because he has excellent grades and reflexes, he tends to be popular with the female students.

He has a serious and pragmatic personality. He acts older than his age, and treats all his superiors with a lot of respect. He is the type that likes to think before acts. He respects his older brother Rin, and a lot of his pragmatic personality was due to Rin's influence. His step-sister Ichika sometimes tells him that "You could be a bit more friendly", and "You should follow your dreams and ideals". Although he's not a member of the student council, he tends to help out Saori, the student council president, after school.