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Ougi Rin

皇城 凛

Ougi Rin皇城 凛
HairAhoge, Claret, Curtained, Short, V Bangs
ClothesGlasses, Suit
RoleHusband, Older Brother, Principal, Wealthy
Visual novelsSide character - Koi Suru Kimochi no Kasanekata
Side character - Koi Suru Kimochi no Kasanekata ~Kasaneta Omoi o Zutto~
Voiced byShinsen Ryoku


He is Ren's older brother and Ichika's brother-in-law. He is the president of Seiou Academy and also the president of the Ougi Group. He is a theoretical type, a rationalist and perfectionist who only focuses on efficiency and results.

He always makes decisions and takes actions with the best interest of his employees and students in mind, and always leads them in the right direction. He is sometimes accused of being ruthless and has many enemies, but there are also many people who respect and admire him. He also cares about his family and shows a gentle side in front of his younger siblings.

He is going to marry his fiancé, Miki Hiiragi, in the spring of next year. After getting to know Miki, his personality gradually softened, which surprised Ren and Ichika.