Edit history of Shinozaki Sumire

c34494.222021-03-26 at 01:01naiohorasShinozaki SumireReverted to revision c34494.20 sex friend is not the same as enkou (prostitution). we already have i1972 for enkou. if you want to argue further
c34494.212021-03-25 at 19:40anonymousShinozaki Sumire凌辱ルート???
c34494.202021-03-25 at 19:01naiohorasShinozaki SumireI replayed the game to refresh my memory, and nope, I won't call it as "sex friend".
c34494.192021-03-01 at 05:58naiohorasShinozaki Sumirethis one is debateable. she mostly does enkou most of the game. she could become a real prostitute in a route. but it could be said that she become
c34494.182021-01-20 at 05:25anonymousShinozaki Sumire+1
c34494.172020-06-13 at 23:29xg70dShinozaki SumireNot redundant, since they willingly have sex even if they knew they were siblings in one route, so incest should also be added. Please check edit
c34494.162020-06-13 at 08:07naiohorasShinozaki Sumireredundant
c34494.152020-06-09 at 13:58naiohorasShinozaki Sumire+1
c34494.142020-01-09 at 16:01traumatizerShinozaki Sumire+2
c34494.132018-11-30 at 12:38batooShinozaki Sumire+3 traits
c34494.122018-11-26 at 00:15xg70dShinozaki SumireSince they willingly have sex even if they knew they were siblings in one route, incest should also be added.
c34494.112018-11-25 at 12:54batooShinozaki Sumire+1 trait (Unbeknown Incest)
c34494.102018-09-06 at 19:29batooShinozaki SumireTraits Upd.
c34494.92018-06-06 at 07:55traumatizerShinozaki Sumirequick fix
c34494.82018-06-06 at 07:55traumatizerShinozaki Sumiredesc
c34494.72017-09-23 at 08:23zackrivaldhiShinozaki SumireS.
c34494.62017-04-26 at 10:33xg70dShinozaki Sumireadded some sexual traits
c34494.52016-01-26 at 15:24anonymousShinozaki Sumirebirthday
c34494.42016-01-26 at 14:39anonymousShinozaki SumireAlias: Free Friends Message board Alias
c34494.32015-09-12 at 20:51traumatizerShinozaki Sumire+1
c34494.22015-06-25 at 20:44traumatizerShinozaki Sumiregrammar
c34494.12015-06-25 at 20:43traumatizerShinozaki Sumirenew chara