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c34578.172019-02-28 at 15:47alpalinHatsuaki SoutaHis mom calls him Sou-chan.
c34578.162018-12-23 at 03:12ferustachiHatsuaki Souta+9
c34578.152018-12-23 at 02:09ferustachiHatsuaki SoutaThought this was already there.
c34578.142018-12-23 at 02:08ferustachiHatsuaki Souta-1,+1 He does engage in a lot of teasing, especially those he dates.
c34578.132018-12-22 at 10:13ferustachiHatsuaki Souta+2, Chiho's route
c34578.122018-12-21 at 21:06ferustachiHatsuaki Souta+1
c34578.112018-12-21 at 12:57ferustachiHatsuaki Souta+3, shopkeeper in reference to Yuuki's normal end. Also changed cook from minor spoiler to no spoiler since that is, in its entirety, his job minus
c34578.102018-12-20 at 00:09teamkazatoHatsuaki SoutaAdded shopping to engages in.
c34578.92017-10-04 at 17:05traumatizerHatsuaki Soutastuff
c34578.82017-03-31 at 10:23traumatizerHatsuaki Soutatraits
c34578.72015-12-28 at 14:31guest93Hatsuaki Souta+7
c34578.62015-11-04 at 19:42takumi75Hatsuaki Soutacorrection
c34578.52015-11-04 at 19:41takumi75Hatsuaki Soutaadd
c34578.42015-11-03 at 07:14takumi75Hatsuaki Soutaadd
c34578.32015-08-22 at 20:21takumi75Hatsuaki Soutaadd
c34578.22015-07-11 at 03:32weilaiHatsuaki Souta.
c34578.12015-06-26 at 16:32nananaHatsuaki Souta.