Hair, Black, Short, Spiky
Eyes, Brown, Hosome
Body, Tattoo
Clothes, Fur Coat, Necklace, Scarf
Personality, Rebellious, Rude, Short-tempered
Role, Christian Priest, Gang Leader, Infamous
Visual novelsSide character - Sorcery Jokers
Voiced byMizuki Sora


The leader of the vigilantes operating in the entertainment district.
He has no talent for magic and can`t adapt to magical society.
He has no particular goals, either, and simply wastes his days away, refusing to become a cog in the machine society.
It`s utterly outrageous how, using his unusual strength, he vents his frustrations on whomever he decides he dislikes.
There is however, a certain charisma in that overwhelming destructive power, for which many of the vigilantes look up to him.
Senri once trounced him like it was nothing, and for that he now holds a grudge against him.