Edit history of Ruby Striker

c35355.72019-06-30 at 05:48warfokiRuby Strikertraits
c35355.62019-06-30 at 05:42warfokiRuby Strikernew image, since no amount of censoring will ever make the old one even remotely SFW
c35355.52015-08-06 at 03:21lmtuan98Ruby Strikeradd vn and traits
c35355.42015-07-18 at 14:07lmtuan98Ruby Striker.
c35355.32015-07-18 at 13:16lmtuan98Ruby Strikershe only apperars in 1 route
c35355.22015-07-18 at 12:24lmtuan98Ruby Strikertraits
c35355.12015-07-18 at 08:17lmtuan98Ruby Strikeradd char