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AliasesSummoner Princess
HairBlond, Ringlet, Twin Tails
BodyPale, Slim, Small Breast Sizes, Teen
ClothesBeret, Blouse, Boots, Cape, Clothing with Ribbons, Gloves, Miniskirt, Pendant Earrings, Ribbon Hair Tie, Torn Clothing
ItemsBow, Rapier
PersonalityHotblooded, Serious, Watashi
RoleMahou Shoujo, Secret Identity
Visual novelsProtagonist - Mahou no Shugo Hime Artemina
Main character - Summoner Princess Artemina 2 -Tatakae! Apologue-
Protagonist - Summoner Princess Artemina 3 ~Futari no Arisa~
Voiced bySerizono Miya


Arisa's magical girl form which she transforms into with her ring. She uses a bow-and-arrow and a rapier for attacking, and can summon all kinds of things to aid her in her battles.

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