Kujouin Reia

九条院 玲亜

Kujouin Reia
Kujouin Reia九条院 玲亜 
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm, Weight: 52kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 91-62-87cm
Birthday23 May
Hair, Ahoge, Blond, Curtained, Parted in Middle, Ringlet, Twin Tails, Waist Length+
Eyes, Green, Tareme
Body, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Clothing with Ribbons, Furisode, Mini-dress, Miniskirt, Ribbon Hair Tie, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Shirt, Thigh-high Stockings, Vest, Yukata
Personality, Ambitious, Arrogant, Classic Tsundere, Grandiosit, Hardworker, Loner, Loud, Proactive, Refined, Rude, Short-tempered, Smart, Strange, Stylish, Superficial, Watakushi
Role, Daughter, Friend, Ojousama, Pet Owner, Pianist, Wealthy
Subject of, Accident, Amnesia, Death, Psychological Trauma, Reincarnation, Teasing
Engages in (Sexual), Boobjob
Subject of (Sexual), Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl
Visual novelsMain character - Natsu no Owari no Nirvana
Voiced byMishiro Mako


An extremely arrogant lady from a rich family who refers to others as her rivals. Nono's friend. <hidden by spoiler settings>Died in a car accident a few years ago.