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Kakura Kurumi

鹿倉 胡桃

Kakura KurumiSafe / Tame (14)
Kakura Kurumi鹿倉 胡桃
MeasurementsHeight: 130cm
Birthday15 September
HairBob Cut, Brown, Parted in Middle, Short
EyesBrown, Tareme
BodyFlat Chest, Kid, Pale, Short (obsolete), Slim
ClothesKnee-high Socks, One Piece Swimsuit, School Uniform
PersonalityImmature, Loud, Rude, Watashi
RoleSchool Mahjong Club Member, Schoolmate, Twelfth Grader
Engages inMahjong
Visual novelsMain character - Saki Zenkoku Hen
Voiced byToyota Moe


Kurumi is a third-year of Miyamori Girls' High School, and one of the three original members of its Mahjong Club. Kurumi is a bit of a snarky character teasing her teammates and opponents alike. She is also very childlike in personality and likes sitting on Shiromi watching the matches.

Kurumi does not declare riichi during her matches, thus opponents are not able to determine whether she has reached tenpai. Kiyosumi High School's Hisa Takei likens this to the stealth riichi of Tsuruga Academy's Momoko.