Edit history of Akizuki Akira

c36519.102020-01-25 at 07:26glowwormAkizuki Akira+1
c36519.92019-03-30 at 20:26glowwormAkizuki Akiraadded tanned, and a few more missing ero traits.
c36519.82017-07-11 at 23:29glowwormAkizuki AkiraHair traits
c36519.72017-03-03 at 09:54multiAkizuki AkiraRemoving deleted and unapproved traits.
c36519.62016-07-17 at 04:29glowwormAkizuki Akiraponytail
c36519.52016-04-02 at 17:03glowwormAkizuki AkiraAdded Sex Wearing Panties on Face trait.
c36519.42015-11-10 at 10:00keonasAkizuki AkiraAdded Tanline and Spats since she wears them through ~half of her scenes.
c36519.32015-08-15 at 10:17wakaranaiAkizuki Akira"Saimin" in title makes hypnotism not a spoiler either
c36519.22015-08-15 at 10:14wakaranaiAkizuki Akirafetishes and sexual traits are not spoilers
c36519.12015-08-15 at 09:45prey22Akizuki Akiracreation