Edit history of Daitoku Junna

c36547.122020-12-16 at 10:34canicheslayerDaitoku JunnaAdd a nickname.
c36547.112020-12-16 at 08:27canicheslayerDaitoku Junna+1
c36547.102020-10-26 at 17:14canicheslayerDaitoku Junna+1
c36547.92020-10-24 at 21:55canicheslayerDaitoku Junna+2
c36547.82020-10-24 at 16:27canicheslayerDaitoku JunnaAlias
c36547.72020-10-19 at 09:12canicheslayerDaitoku JunnaEdit
c36547.62019-04-26 at 21:36fastyDaitoku JunnaDAITOKU_JUNJUN is Junna's alias on the in-game app "Twipo". Clarified the meaning of "a karate member." Added a sentence to give her description more
c36547.52017-11-30 at 21:53macrosselesteDaitoku Junna+ trails from the anime's official site: link
c36547.42017-09-23 at 05:28raykableDaitoku JunnaAdded Robotics;Note Dash.
c36547.32015-12-01 at 16:30traumatizerDaitoku Junna+3
c36547.22015-12-01 at 16:24traumatizerDaitoku Junnatraits, desc
c36547.12015-08-16 at 12:38nananaDaitoku JunnaNew character based on c36546.1