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Nikaidou Susumu

二階堂 進

Nikaidou Susumu
Nikaidou Susumu二階堂 進 
AliasesNikaido Susumu
Hair, Brown, Short
Clothes, Suit
Personality, Boku, Short-tempered
Role, Detective
Visual novelsSide character - Eve: Burst Error
Voiced byNakazawa Ayumu (2003 PC remake and Eve: Burst Error A only)
Ueda Yuuji


An employee at the Katsuragi Detective Agency.

Other instances

Nikaidou Susumu
Nikaidou Susumu二階堂 進 
MeasurementsHeight: 175cm
Clothes, Glasses, Suit
Personality, Overconfident
Role, Detective
Subject of
Visual novelsSide character - Burst Error: Eve the 1st
Voiced byKawano Taketoshi