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c3679.152017-11-11 at 10:20vulsilahFukamori ShizukaAdding sex. traits
c3679.142015-11-18 at 05:37savagetigerFukamori Shizukatrait
c3679.132015-01-21 at 07:07multiFukamori ShizukaRemoving deleted traits.
c3679.122014-11-24 at 13:49ferustachiFukamori ShizukaUpdated traits.
c3679.112014-11-24 at 13:08ferustachiFukamori ShizukaMinor update.
c3679.102014-11-24 at 12:56ferustachiFukamori ShizukaMinor update
c3679.92014-11-05 at 21:01overmageFukamori Shizukashe's a secret heroine, and not even on the official cover. sexual traits are spoilered for that reason (only for her)
c3679.82014-11-05 at 20:43himitsukouFukamori ShizukaEdited spoiler settings.
c3679.72014-11-01 at 21:34himitsukouFukamori ShizukaAdded traits.
c3679.62014-09-14 at 13:29overmageFukamori ShizukaThe fact that she's romanceable is itself a spoiler.
c3679.52013-03-24 at 08:09overmageFukamori Shizukaadded fighting
c3679.42013-03-16 at 03:09kazuto-samaFukamori Shizukaadd trait
c3679.32013-03-16 at 03:02kazuto-samaFukamori Shizukaadd trait
c3679.22012-07-24 at 06:25hakuFukamori Shizukamc, not protag
c3679.12012-01-15 at 04:34atlantimaFukamori Shizukacharacter