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Honjou Aiko

本条 藍子

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Honjou AikoSafe / Tame (14)
Honjou Aiko本条 藍子
HairBrown, Short
BodyBig Breasts, Genital Piercing, Navel Piercing, Pale, Teen, Young-adult
ClothesAnkle Socks, Bracelet, Choker, Crotchless Panties, Decorative Belt, Earrings, Evening Gloves, Feather Boa, Hoodie, Jeans, Loafers, Loose, Microskirt, Open Cup Bra, Sandals, Sleeveless Mini-dress, Sleeveless Sweater, Sports Shoes, String Ribbon Tie
PersonalityEnergetic, Promiscuous
RoleHigh School Student
Engages inDrug Abuse, Unarmed Fighting, Vomiting
Subject ofNymphomania
Visual novelsMain character - Tsuiraku Jinsei ~Seiso Ojou-sama no Yakukime Takobeya Baishun Life~
Voiced byKotatsu Miyako


Honjou Aiko is a Middle-Class Family girl, she is more of a sporty and energetic girl with not many overly feminine mannerisms, so even if she has great looks Aiko is not as popular nor looked upon as Mayumi. Shinomiya Mayumi is Aiko’s best friend.