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Show sexual traits

HairOrange, Parted in Middle, Shoulder-length, Twin Tails
BodyFang, Kid, Pale, Slim
ClothesBracelet, Crotchless One Piece Micro Bikini, Hairpin, Kemonomimi Headband, Rubber Band With Beads, Sandals, Sundress
PersonalityAtashi, Carefree, Energetic, Pervert, Promiscuous
RoleElementary School Student, Not a Virgin, Popular, Prostitute
Engages inDrinking, Seduction
Subject ofBirthday Celebration
Visual novelsProtagonist - Dosukebe Bitch na Enkou ***gakusei no Sex Zanmai Natsuyasumi ~Akari & Yukino~
Voiced byAoi Miu


A lively and popular girl in her class who is good at socializing, which often causes boys to misunderstand and confess their love to her.

The truth is, she enjoyed having sex with adults after selling herself for fun. She also forcefully invited her best friend Yukino into prostitution, and together they got engrossed into earning money through prostitution.

She's worried about her small breasts.

[Translated from Official Site]