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Akahoshi Luna

紅星 月菜

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Akahoshi Luna紅星 月菜
AliasesThe Public Hero, Luna-chi, Lunachi-kun, Luna-chan
Birthday21 September
HairBlond, Short
EyesBlue, Tsurime
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesJacket, Naked, Pendant Necklace, T-shirt
PersonalityFunny, Ore, Strange
RoleMagician, Older Brother, Superhero, Twin Brother
Engages inBody Swap, Cooking
Visual novelsProtagonist - LAMUNATION!


A bright and pure boy, Corona's older twin. He spends all day bathing naked in his jacuzzi. He's extremely popular with men for some reason, especially with foreign men. Luna and Corona's parents are famous engineers and sometimes even appear on TV. Because their parents are always traveling Luna and Corona live by themselves.

Despite being very good friends with the heroines, he doesn't allows anyone inside his jacuzzi except for himself and rubber ducks. He has a weird personality where despite being naked all the time, being seen without a problem, he is very embarrassed being seen changing or seeing naked girls. He's also becomes embarrassed by romantic/erotic stuff other people does, especially females. Just seeing panties his faces get red, he freezes and after some time runs away in a panic. He doesn't get dirty jokes and innuendos at all. Great fan of disco.

The story starts when his sister asks if he's living a happy life and invites him to make everyone happy. After thinking whats happiness for him, he realizes he doesn't really care about his happiness and decides to make everyone, starting by his closest friends, happy.

Luna is the town's hero as he can make almost anything from stopping a downhill baby cart to defeating octopus-like destruction gods. Because of this he's hired by RMC to do exactly that. Even though he's that amazing he's very simple-minded and doesn't realize all the girls around him love him.