Takumi Aldini


Takumi Aldini
Takumi Aldiniタクミ・アルディーニ 
Role, Cook, High School Student, Rival, Twin Brother
Engages in, Cooking
Visual novelsMain character - Shokugeki no Soma: Yuujou to Kizuna no Hitosara
Voiced byHanae Natsuki


Takumi is the oldest nephew of the owner of the Trattoria Aldini, a trattoria located in Florence, Italy. He is half-Japanese, but unlike his twin brother Isami, he appears more European - with blonde hair and blue eyes - and is noted as being extremely handsome to the point of having his own fan club, both in Totsuki Academy and in his hometown. He enrolled in Totsuki at the behest of his uncle, taking with him his mezzaluna and a bottle of homemade olive oil as a good luck charm.

Takumi is a talented chef. His specialty is Italian cuisine, although many professional chefs noted that he has a broad vision, willing to use methods and ingredients that lesser chefs would not easily have come up with. He has demonstrated that he is not limited by his specialty; like Soma, he is willing to mix Italian cuisine with ingredients and methods from other unassociated culinary styles to create inventive dishes, and if necessary, is capable of modifying his recipes in a short time. He is a notably more gifted chef than his brother, and patrons of the trattoria frequently would request his cooking. Despite this, he is very kind and supportive of his brother, to the point of risking his pride and his mezzaluna - his memento from his home - to defend Isami's honor.

Takumi has a fierce (and somewhat one-sided) rivalry with Soma. As he, too, has first-hand experience working at a small restaurant, Takumi sees Soma as someone similar to himself and, thus, a worthy rival and will jump at any chance to compete with him. He frequently tries to challenge Soma to informal cooking challenges (usually leading to an embarrassing situation for himself), hoping to one day defeat Soma in a formal Shokugeki challenge. Despite their rivalry, both he and Soma greatly respect each other, and likely view each other as friends outside of the arena.

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