Nagihara Yuuki

薙原 ユウキ

Nagihara Yuuki
Nagihara Yuuki薙原 ユウキ 
Hair, Brown, Red, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Pale, Teen
Clothes, School Uniform, Trousers
Role, Transfer Student
Engages in (Sexual), Butterfly, Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Missionary, Nipple Sucking, Outdoor Sex, Quickie Fix, Seventh Posture, Sex in Public Places, Sex in Water, Sitting Sex, Spit-roast, Standing Sex, Tominagi, Vaginal Fingering
Subject of (Sexual), Blowjob, Boobjob, Handjob, Intercrural Sex
Visual novelsProtagonist - Pastel Chime Continue


He caused some problems with the Private Falneze AS and wanted to be transferred. Fortunately enough, Kouryou Academy accepted his application for the transfer and he became enrolled as a 3rd grader in Kouryou. His red hair is not natural and is related to the problems with Falneze AS.

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