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Nonomine Senka

野ノ峰 扇華

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Nonomine Senka野ノ峰 扇華
HairBlack, Intake, Shaggy, Spiky Bangs, Waist Length+
BodyBig Breasts, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesClothing with Ribbons, Jacket, Loafers, Miniskirt, Pantyhose, Pleated Skirt, School Uniform, Thigh-high Stockings, Torn Pantyhose (damaged)
PersonalityCharismatic, Hardworker, Proactive, Smart
RolePopular, Senpai, Student Council President, Twelfth Grader
Subject ofBlackmail
Visual novelsMain character - Hitomi no Rakuin 2 ~Zettai Fukahi no Shinbigan~
Voiced bySakaki Haruno


A third-year student and the divinely perfect student council president. She is very popular with both the teachers and students due to her charisma, beautiful appearance and talented personality, being above Koichi when it comes to talent. She always does her hardest and puts effort into everything she does.

Senka does know about Kouichi, however she does not acknowledge him the same way his admirers and the other students do.