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Marui Zenji

丸井 善二

Marui Zenji丸井 善二
Engages inCooking
Visual novelsMain character - Shokugeki no Soma: Yuujou to Kizuna no Hitosara
Voiced byKobayashi Yuusuke


Zenji, usually going by his last name Marui, is a first-year student and resident of Polar Star. He has a bookworm-like look, with bobbed hair and oversized glasses, and is shown to have poor stamina. Among the Polar Star students, he was the most exhausted by the Summer Training Camp curriculum, comically shown to be in near-death on several occasions. Despite this, he is a very competitive chef. He has no specialization; instead, he researched cooking styles from all over the world and employs them as needed to make unique, free-style dishes.

During the Autumn Elections, he presented a "White Porage Curry Udon" using cooking methods dating back to 1920. This dish was praised by judges, giving him an exceptional score of 88 - tied with Ibusaki for 5th in his block - though ultimately not enough to advance to the main tournament. As a running gag, and despite his protests, Marui's room in Polar Star is often commandeered by his dorm mates for hosting parties and other social activities. This has even extended to his hotel room during the Summer Training Camp, with the other students actively remarking that they should play cards "in Marui's room".

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