Shinno Kengo

新野 憲吾

Shinno Kengo
Shinno Kengo新野 憲吾 
Hair, Black, Short, Spiky
Eyes, Black
Body, Teen
Clothes, School Uniform, Vest
Personality, Idiot
Role, Bodyguard, Childhood Friend, Gamer, High School Student
Engages in, Basketball
Visual novelsMain character - Mizu no Senritsu
Side character - Mizu no Senritsu 2 ~Hi no Kioku~
Main character - Mizu no Senritsu ~Kyousoukyoku~
Voiced bySuzumura Ken'ichi


Hina's childhood friend who has always had a crush on her.
He volunteered to protect her from the strange events going on around her.
He's good at using his body, not so good at using his head.
His hobbies are games, basketball, and karaoke.