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MeasurementsHeight: 176cm
Visual novelsMain character - Tears to Tiara II: Haou no Matsuei
Voiced byAsakawa Yuu


"I’m just a humble official. I'm in a position to manage the engineering bureaucrats in Central. One could call it a government job, same as you?"

An engineering bureaucrat who was around at the birth of the Divine Empire. Aemilia has directed construction and transportation in the old Empire, and is also well-acquainted with finances.

Aemilia firmly believes in three things: that she is a genius, that technology can solve any problem in the world, and that advancement in technology is the best means to lead humanity to happiness. She’s a workaholic and favors efficiency, even dressing like a man in order to increase her mobility in the Empire.

As the old Empire shifted to theocracy, the engineering bureaucrats - many of whom share the same beliefs as her - have strayed away from the Divine empire.

[From Atlus]