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Kogasaka Chinami

小河坂 千波

Kogasaka Chinami
Kogasaka Chinami小河坂 千波 B
AliasesBearer of the Demonic Hands, Nucular Missile, Nucular Warhead
MeasurementsHeight: 153cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 80-55-80cm
Birthday19 February
Hair, Ahoge, Curtained, Pink, Ponytail, Shoulder-length, Sidehair, Straight, Twin Tails
Eyes, Green, Tareme
Body, AA Cup, Average Height, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Bikini, Hairpin, Maid's Dress, Maid's Headdress, Naked Apron, Pajamas, Pleated Skirt, Ribbon Tie, Rubber Band With Beads, Sailor School Uniform, School Uniform, Tank Top
Items, Camera, Tray
Personality, Airhead, Brocon, Carefree, Childishly Violent, Clumsy, Deredere, Energetic, Family Oriented, Food Lover, Friendly, Funny, Honest, Lazy, Loud, Sleepyhead, Third Person
Role, Bad Student, Daughter, Domestic Partner, Half-sister, High School Student, Kouhai, Niece, Orphan, Part-time Worker, Popular, School Occult Club Member, Tsukkomi, Waitstaff, Younger Sister
Engages in, Cleaning, Cooking, Domestic Violence, Flirting, Infiltration, Investigation, Moving, Sleepwalking, Swimming, Teasing
Subject of, Assault, Bridal Carry, Disappointment, Domestic Violence, Fainting, Grief, Piggyback Ride, Teasing
Engages in (Sexual), Blowjob, Incest, Naizuri, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Doggy Style, Missionary, Seventh Posture
Visual novelsMain character - Hoshizora no Memoria -Eternal Heart-
Main character - Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-
Voiced byFujimori Yukina (Complete version only)
Minazuki Ren (Original version only)


Likes: Her brother
Dislikes: Temple grinding

Chinami is You's little sister. She tends to be bad at everything (especially in cooking; everything she tries to cook turns into charcoal), except driving her brother crazy. However, she has the ability to become friends with anyone due to her energetic personality and smile.

<hidden by spoiler settings>She is actually his half-sister but they share the same mother. Chinami thinks that her whole life, starting from her birth is just a burden and is also afraid that her dear Onii-chan will leave her just like their mother did. This is the reason for why she wants to take care of You so much.