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Andou Reina

安堂 麗奈

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Andou Reina安堂 麗奈
MeasurementsBust-Waist-Hips: 85-58-86cm
ClothesSchool Uniform
Visual novelsMain character - Tsurushi


Has a nice body and smile, indisputably cute. Possesses the appearance of the ideal boys' have.

However, her inner self is extremely jealous and possesses a strong desire to monopolize. On other hand, has a very fussy side. If she doesn't get to control every action of her lover, she cannot feel satisfied.

It can be said elegantly, she has an earnest side, but to gain her lover's heart, she is willing to do anything regardless of consequences.

If there is a valid reason, then she won't reject even shameless acts. Therefore, she is easily deceived by people.

There are no hobbies or enthusiasm over anything, just everything of her lover's. Academic ability is neither good or bad.

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