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Ayasato Chihiro

綾里 千尋

Ayasato Chihiro
Ayasato Chihiro綾里 千尋 
AliasesMia Fey, Chief, Mystic Mia, Kitten, Madame Fey
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm
Hair, Brown, Curtained, Straight, Waist Length+
Eyes, Brown
Body, Average Height, Makeup, Mole, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
Clothes, Earrings, Magatama, Pendant Necklace, Skirt Suit
Personality, Friendly, Mature, Smart, Watashi
Role, Full Sister, Lawyer, Management, Mentor, Older Sister
Engages in
Subject of
Visual novelsMain character - Gyakuten Saiban
Protagonist - Gyakuten Saiban 3
Protagonist - Turnabout Pairs
Protagonist - Turnabout of Courage


Head of her own criminal defense law firm, Mia Fey is Phoenix's boss and mentor.

Always cool under pressure, Mia Fey is smart, tenacious, a strict teacher and sometimes even coy. She has a great affection for her sister but is also very independent, and strives to uncover truth at all costs.

[From Court Records]