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Hoshino Ichika

星野 市香

Hoshino Ichika
Hoshino Ichika星野 市香 
AliasesStupid cat
Birthday19 October
Hair, Black, Brown, Waist Length+
Clothes, Police Officer Uniform
Personality, Altruistic, Hardworker, Low Self-esteem
Role, Nameable, Older Sister, Police
Engages in, Cooking, Investigation, Teasing
Subject of, Teasing
Visual novelsProtagonist - Collar x Malice
Protagonist - Collar x Malice -Unlimited-


The protagonist, 21 years old. She's a rookie cop who's been on the job for half a year, and works in the Special Regions Crime Prevention Office, more commonly known as SRCPO, in Shinjuku.

She's a strong-willed woman who tries to protect the citizens around her, and will always put the needs of others before her own. She's investigating the X-Day incidents because she believes it is key to unlocking the poison collar that was placed around her neck.

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