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c39790.162018-07-31 at 13:35hiarashiHayase Fukamitrait (+1): masturbation
c39790.152018-07-29 at 01:22tw1stedHayase Fukamitraits
c39790.142017-04-14 at 16:44yumemi-kunHayase Fukami+1
c39790.132017-03-15 at 07:01traumatizerHayase Fukamiremoved one trait
c39790.122017-03-14 at 21:37yumemi-kunHayase Fukamisome traits fixes
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c39790.92017-03-12 at 17:05yumemi-kunHayase Fukami+1
c39790.82017-03-12 at 17:02yumemi-kunHayase Fukamitraits also an accident with a boat
c39790.72017-03-10 at 18:48yumemi-kunHayase Fukamitraits
c39790.62017-03-07 at 16:21sumidandaHayase FukamiAdditional traits (Fukami often awkwardly adds "desu" to the end of her sentences)
c39790.52016-11-27 at 00:30dk382Hayase FukamiReverted to revision c39790.3 Why are you making every single character here a main character? Please consult d12#6
c39790.42016-11-26 at 11:09yumemi-kunHayase FukamiAdded.
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