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PersonalityBoku, Ore
RoleBoyfriend, Coworker, High School Student, Kouhai, Librarian, Nameable, Part-time Worker, School Sports Club Member, Schoolmate, Senpai, Transfer Student, Waitstaff
Engages inTennis
Visual novelsProtagonist - Love Plus
Protagonist - New Love Plus


A second year High School student just transferred to Towano High School. Soon after he joins the library committee, the tennis club and a part time job at a family restaurant. He's the only character you can name in the game, and you may choose to refer in first person as ore (俺?) or boku (僕?) (both are the male form of "I," although "Ore" is considered more masculine). In the Loveplus Rinko Days manga his name is Wataru Aikawa.

[from Wikipedia]